Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is a project that we started over 2 years ago and we have finally seen pictures of the sample product. You don't realize how many decisions have to be made when you start a project like this. Colors, model name, logo design, sizes, decals, wheel size, cable guide placement, head badge.......never ends. As soon as we make "final" decisions, three more things pop up.

This whole idea started when we had a fair number of people really liking the Goats but just couldn't come up with the $3K+ that it usually took to buy one. You can't buy a $1500 frame and just put mid-grade stuff on it. The solution was to make the same frame but make 100 of them at one time and have them made overseas. With the same quality of the USA made frames but at about half the price. You lose the option of customizing your geometry and color but that is still available on the USA made frames.

Basic spec:
-29" wheel
-black with cream or orange with green
-4 sizes
-sliding dropouts for single speed or geared use
-80/100mm travel compatible
-double butted cro-moly tubing

We hope to have the samples in hand soon and put some miles on them to confirm the details are where we want them.