Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello new jerseys, see you later Mike

The new shop jerseys came in yesterday and while unloading them I remembered that Mike Taramasco has been giving me grief about not having a jersey for his smaller frame. Unfortunately Mike is going back to Germany and would be unable to get one in person so we had talked about sending one when we got the new ones. Amazingly Mike is not leaving till tomorrow morning and swung by on his last ride last night so he got to try one on and came back by today to pay for and pick up a medium. It was great to meet Mike and get to ride with him for the last two years. He is probably the smoothest rider that I have rode with in a long time. Drafting the guy was the best because you never had to think about if they would screw up...he doesn't. Mike is going back to be with his Wife and enjoy life together, I just hope they come back and visit. I did make Mike model the new jersey real quick for a few pictures. The jerseys came out really well. The logos are just the right size and fit seems to be real nice with the FFB logo on the front, M.O.M.B.A.T. on the back and Goat heads on the shoulders and "Mountain Goat down the sides, Fox Racing Shox, I.M.B.A. and Cane Creek grace the pockets . We have a sport and club cut with the sport cut being a touch tighter and smaller sizes and the club cut is just a touch "roomier" and comes in larger sizes. Come try one on and wear it with pride.

Friday, September 19, 2008


With the influx of hybrid sales we seem to see more customers coming in for their 30 day tune with Bell computers, bottle cages, etc. complaining that they don't work. I find it hard to understand the disconnect where they know they need a bike that actually works but then cheap out on anything else. While fitting a helmet the other day the customer said "wow, these actually fit me versus the one we tried on at the 'mart". When I told them that is how it is with all of the things we sell she was genuinely surprised. All the while I was thinking about the Mercedes convertible running around town with the Auto Zone Flame on the side being driven by a soccer mom, I am waiting for the day it gets the an "upgrade" to spinner hub caps. Ok my poor excuse for a rant is over.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New bikes in stock

Got a shipment of bikes today including Gary Fisher HiFi Plus 29er, Rigs, Cobias, Marlins and Trek 7.5FX and 1.2's. We have our first Gary Fisher HiFi Plus 29er Demo bike on the way to us as well in a 17.5 so if you want to see how the big wheels feel on a FS give us a yell and we can set you up.

Still a ton of bikes and models on backorder coming in all the time. Keep checking in and we will let you know when things arrive.

Friday, September 5, 2008

New Light n Motion Stellas in stock

Just got our first shipment of the new Stella lights from Light n Motion just in time for the days getting dark earlier. Sean, Darrell and I had to use our lights for the last bit of our ride last night so get in the shop and get ready for the dark season approaching.

This is the Stella 120N. It has....120 lumen!!! Very bright system on a budget with a trickle charger and smaller NiMH battery that velcros up under your stem so there is no cables flopping everywhere.

This one is the Stella 200L, yes it produces 200 lumen very good. Pretty much the same as last years Stella but BRIGHTER!

Both of the Stella lights use a new mounting system that is very nice and easy to use.