Friday, March 26, 2010

Road ride routes for the Statesville Area

We have worked on making a map of local favorite road rides on one map and have come up with one that I think works really well.


for a larger .pdf version click HERE

Thursday, March 25, 2010

News from the 6WC crew

2010 6 Hours of Warrior Creek News Flash!

Are you ready? We’re getting that way and looking forward to seeing the carnage the 6WC spits out after a miserable winter for riding a bike. The dedicated few that make up the BMCC Trail Care Crew have been busting their humps getting the course ready. Our volunteers will be in green this year. Be sure to thank them for a job well done when you pass them on the trail. We want to take this opportunity to get you up to speed on what to expect come race weekend.

First and foremost, the US Army Corps of Engineers has declared the trails at Warrior Creek open for normal use and activities. They have asked that you continue to use caution at road crossings and areas still under construction. They’re busy spending their final dollars from the TARP fund to get WC in tip top shape come opening day.

On Friday, April 2nd, we’ll be busy doing some final trail prep, taping the course, etc. Please join us for pre-rides. We’ll open the gates around lunch time for you to come in and scout out the course. The Specialized demo crew will also be on hand all weekend so you can test ride that pimp S-Works you’ve had your eye on. Word on the street says that Niner Bikes may also make an appearance with some demo rigs so you can join The Big Revolution. Pedal damn it!

Pit locations will be on a first come, first served basis beginning on Saturday morning, April 3rd. Under no circumstances will racers be allowed to set up on Friday before the race.

On Saturday, April 3rd, we’ll be opening registration at 7am. The race is sold out so please be patient with us as we get you checked in as fast as we can. Everyone must sign a waiver to race. Please write legibly just in case we need your emergency contact info. For those of you wishing to register for the 10th Annual BURN 24 Hour Challenge at the Super Saver rate, you can do that as you sign in. We’ll have a dedicated individual there to take your cash, check, Visa or Mastercard!

The racer’s meeting will be at 9:30 with racing beginning at 10. Your last lap must be started by 3:30 and finished by 5 to be counted. We’ll have chip timing provided by the fine folks at WAM Events.

BMCC Executive Chef and Kerr Scott Ranger Extraordinaire, Chad Eller, will be busy cooking up the post ride meal while our friends from Boone Brewing Company will be overseeing his efforts with a little liquid encouragement at the Wilderness Lodge. The fine folks from the lodge are having us back this year for the awards ceremony. You’ll have a chance to rest up for the ride home or to that Wilkes County hotel room while you enjoy a home cooked meal and the camaraderie of your fellow competitors. We’ll also have a few prizes to give away to the podium finishers and a swag raffle that includes a set of I9 hubs and a Niner EMD frame donated by Luna Cycles of Lenoir.

Due to cancellations and unforeseen circumstances on the parts of others, we still have a few rooms left at the Wilderness Lodge. If you would like to stay at the Lodge for the weekend, here’s what we have left:
Room #2 – 2 full beds, private bath -- $180
Room #6 – 4 single beds, shared bath -- $160
Room #7 – 2 twin beds, shared bath -- $150

Rates stated are for Friday and Saturday nights. Let us know if you’re interested.
Remember, you must notify the race directors of all registration transfers by April 1st. The race is full, sold out! We will not accept transfers or registration attempts on race day.

Carpool when you can.
A race map and rule sheet is attached. Read it. Additional information can be found on the race website. Dirk Dobbler called and said Wendy Warrior would be there too.

“Let’s ride pimp!”
Jason B & Paul S
5WC Co-Directors

Things YOU need to know!
Welcome to 6WC. Thank you for participating in our 2nd annual event at Warrior Creek and supporting continued BMCC-built trails at the
Kerr-Scott Dam and Reservoir.
The Pit Area and Race Central will be in an RV campground that the Warrior Creek loop passes through. The race will travel through the paved
portion of this campground area. There is limited parking on the loop. Volunteers and signage will direct you to the parking area upon arrival. All
cars parked in this area will not be allowed to leave until 3:30. Since this is an RV area, parking spaces will be shared with other participants. If you
wish to park in the loop, please pull all the way through and park as directed. You will not be able to park as you please. This is in an effort to keep
traffic moving both in and out efficiently. There is parking outside this loop and highlighted on the map.
Gate opens at 6:30 am on Saturday. Course will be available to pre-ride on Friday, but under no circumstances will you be allowed to leave
anything (pop-up tents, etc) in the Warrior Creek Campground before Saturday morning.
Restrooms. There are pit toilets near the start/finish. There are also full service restrooms (they flush!) in close vicinity to the start/finish area.
These are also mapped. Showers are available in this facility and can be used after you are done suffering. Please keep these restrooms clean.
Post-Race Awards and Festivities are sponsored by Boone Brewing Company, makers of Blowing Rock Ale and Redwood Creek Wines. It will be
at the NC Wilderness Lodge on Edminsten Road directly across from Warrior Creek. Go out the way you entered, you can’t miss it.
The US Army Corps of Engineers have graciously allowed us access to this awesome place. 6WC participants, spectators and sponsors are the
only ones here…so enjoy it, and please respect the grounds. Alcohol is not allowed in the Warrior Creek Campground at any time. Do not litter. Pack
your trash out.
Official Rules
Category Combinations: Race promoters reserve the right to combine classes and have the final say on the results.
Rider’s Meeting: 9:30 a.m. All solo riders and at least one rider from teams must be present.
Start: Mass Start. 10:00 a.m. 1
lap will include pavement as shown on the race map. Solo Categories will start first and duos will start exactly 2
minutes after. Any postponement of start time (i.e. an hour later, etc) due to weather or trail conditions will be announced at registration by 8am.
General Info:
1. Timing. Each team will be responsible for one timing chip. This must be affixed to the ankle.
2. Transition. After crossing the timing mat, exchanges may happen anywhere on the paved loop before entering the woods.
3. Numbers: Participants must display their number on the handlebars at all times.
4. Helmets: If you are on a bike, you are wearing a helmet. No exceptions.
5. Rider Support: Water/food may be supplied to participants anywhere, but exchanges must be made clear of the course
and other riders.
6. Passing: When approaching slower riders be vocal: i.e. “coming up” or “rider up.” Slower rider will let you know where to pass. In more open
areas faster riders may yell “on your right” or “on you left” before passing. Be courteous. When vying for position, lead rider does not have to
give way. Lapped or slower riders should always yield to leaders. Racers riding their bicycles have the right of way over those off their bikes.
Anyone pushing or carrying bikes must be on the least-rideable portion of the trail when being passed.
7. Shortcutting: Don’t do this. We don’t want to embarrass you or remove you from this sweet event. Should a mechanical or other problem
occur, you have two choices: 1. finish the lap with your bike, or 2. Leave the course and return to the place you left. When returning to pit area,
You must inform a race official (Green Shirts) if you are using option 2. Do not cross the timing mats until lap is finished.
8. Last lap: Last lap must be started by 3:30. All racers must be finished by 5:00. Those still on the course when time is called will be given the
same time and their positions will be frozen. Final placement will be on the number of laps + sequential order of finish.
9. Laws: All Federal, State, and Local laws/ordinances must be obeyed by all participants.
10. Alcohol: Again, alcohol is not allowed at Warrior Creek. Please obey. We’ve got a great celebration planned across the street. So save it!
11. Protest Period and Awards: Once the final results are posted, you will have 15 minutes to protest. You must be on site to
receive any swag and prizes for placing on the podium. Any unclaimed prizes will be added to the raffle for all participants.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 days and counting

Only 10 days till 6WC and after riding Warrior Creek last weekend I think I will be just fine. I did not say fast, just fine.

On the side of the bike shop, we have been really busy with the good weather which has also shown that if you are in the market for a Fisher 29er you might want to step up and get one that is in stock now because Fisher will not have more available till late August. We still have a fair number in stock along with some demo's if you are looking to try before you buy.

I built a new display

I have been riding my prototype Mountain Goat Escape Route to get ready for the 6WC and Burn24 and really like the way it handles. We also have news that our first batch of steel Goat Horns have landed off the water and will making their way to the shop very soon.

We were also visited the other day by our old riding buddy Aaron "Buddha" Oswalt. Buddha has been living the family life and serving the country overseas. It was good seeing him again and I hope he keeps dropping by when he is able to.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not ready..or am I

only 23 more days till 6WC, I have absolutely no hopes of finishing in the high ups but just want to finish which then springs me right towards Burn 24. Lets all hope that the weather can stay gold so we can ride like the last few weekends.

In other news, if you have not made it out to ride the Laurel Loop at Lake Norman State Park you are not doing yourself any favors. The loop is amazing and makes a great addition to the other loops. Thanks to bOb and Jeff for all the work they have done out at the park!