Tuesday, April 6, 2010

6 hours of Warrior Creek

6WC went very well last weekend. Going in my goal was 4 laps and after all was said and done I did complete 4 laps. Could I have rode more? Should I have rode more? I really dont care, how bout that! I was happy with how things went except for a bit of cramping in my right leg at the end of my fourth lap due to me not drinking correctly the first and second laps but thats my fault and I have maybe learned from it. Cameron and Jonathan both rode solo as well with Cam reaching his goal of 5 laps even though he wimped out and used gears and Jonathan was a man about it and rode 4 laps as well.
It was good to see our good ole Canadian friend Ross Dowswell win the solo SS category with 6 laps. I saw a bunch of customers and friends out there and the race was sold out in only its second year which just proves how good of a job the BMCC boys have done on their trails and races, I cannot wait for the Burn24!

Savannah did take a few pictures for me so here they be

Me, Cam and Jonathan at the start

Cam on the log bridge

Me on the same log bridge

Jonathan through one of the 100 berms on the trail

One of our customers, Sean Heath

Rob and Sean were there for support

Ross showing how its done

If you have any interest in doing the race next year, make sure to sign up quick. Thanks to the BMCC once again for all the hard work they do on the races and more especially the trails. Make sure to support them any way you can, they will put it to good use.