Tuesday, November 25, 2008

always more trailwork to do

Sunday Dec 7th we will be meeting out at Signal Hill to continue more re-routes and a few other projects if we have time. We will meet at 8am at the grateful shed which you can drive to by going to the main parking lot and heading down the road torwards where the old airplane field was. We will have all needed tools just bring water, snack and good shoes, clothes. I will probably be out there till 4 p.m. or longer if my back can take it.

Also, our first work day for the fourth phase of the Itusi Trail will be
December 13th. We have heard from riders who want to lay out more
technical trail so here is your chance. This Phase will be built under
a revised MOA which will allow us to build to IMBA blue standards with a
reduced corridor width of 3 feet. We will also be able to incorporate
more of the naturally occurring obstacles as well.

bOb has already machine cut approximately .75 mile of trail that we will
be looking to hand finish. No backbreaking bench work!

-9:00 AM Saturday 12/13
-Tools provided
-Bring water/snacks
-Wear sturdy boots and work gloves
-Bring your bike if you want to ride after working.
-Go left on Wildlife Rd. (last road before entering the park), take your
first right through a park gate (probably not more than 100 feet after
turning), follow the signs.
-Parking will be along the side of the fire road which is nice and smooth.

Any questions, give me a shout. See ya in the woods!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

out with the porch, in with the Pergola

Still lots of work to go with our remodeling but here are some pics of whats going on.

Jeff getting ready to saw up some wood
the porch is now a pergola
the view from up top while building

Jeff putting up some cedar shake
the new counter with one slat wall up

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trial work

Sean and I went out to Signal Hill today and finished two new re-routes to keep us off of more open areas. We were pretty worn by that time with the second one taking a good bit of time so we walked three other ideas I have had and they should be pretty easily made just taking some time and effort. We will continue to work and work and have even more ideas when those are finished.
Trail used to turn left and go out into the field before turning right to another group of trees

now it goes straight to the end of this trees and cuts straight to the other line of trees keeping us out of a bunch of open area

having to take lots of tools call for the BOB trailer

Friday, November 14, 2008

even more trail work

Sean and I are heading out to Signal Hill this Sunday(16th) @ 8 am to work on some more re-routes and planning for others, mostly planning. I will be bringing tools just bring water and good work shoes, gloves...etc. The trail is in pretty dang good shape right now and with the new reroutes I think everyone will enjoy it much more

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

South Dakota

I left my favorite state of NC to head out to South Dakota for a pheasant hunting trip that I have been able to go on for the last two years. We left on the 4th driving a 40 foot RV the 24 hours to get us to SD (5 people and 2 dogs). Seeing that the lodge we stay at is still occupied by the group before us till Thursday we hunted on Wednesday in Chamberlin, SD in upper 50's weather and shot our limit very fast.
We stayed in Chamberlin at a hotel like we have in the past were we eat dinner at Al's Oasis, good food and talk at dinner is a must. The whole day we had kept hearing about a blizzard coming in the next day bringing up to 15" of snow so we decided that we better wake up early and head on in to Presho where Snake Den Lodge is. On the way to Presho the snow started falling but very lightly and we got all of our gear in the lodge hung out and waited for some more of the people that were hunting with us to show up and we went out for a hunt where I unfortunately shot a hen(female pheasant) which is a big NO-NO and cost me $104. The rest of the day the snow kept falling but the blizzard never really came and in the morning we only found 3" on the ground but the wind was gusting heavily and it was still snowing. We went out on our hunt anyway and endured the 33 MPH gusts and still brought home our limit (3 roosters per person).
Friday, Saturday and Sunday went on as normal and I only shot roosters like a good boy and tons of fun was had. We hunted one more time on Monday morning before loading the RV back up and heading to Cabelas(3rd time that week) and driving home to my wonderful NC. more pictures here if you care

Back at the shop things are still pushing along as normal, we seem to have added a new member to the crew in Jim A. Jim just bought a Fisher Marlin and has been on a couple rides with us and says he will be back for more and since he is a good guy we will continue to allow him around. We are riding on Tuesday and Thursday nights from the shop(weather permitting) with lights at Signal Hill.

Monday, November 3, 2008

More new shop displays and the like

More construction has been going on at the shop. We decided last year that we wanted to move the counter but it has just not happened until last week.
(tearing out the old counter)

(We removed the counter and cut it down)

Photobucket. The area where the counter used to be now has a porch but our full thoughts have not been finished, we have talked about a few different ideas and just need to decide the porch
(framing for the porch)
(almost finished the deck boards)

We also received a package in the mail today,>BR>Photobucket
it seems the good guys at Acme Bikes up in good ole SD Seems they had some extra Bontrager parts and stickers that they thought we should have....thanks guys. Things like this always come in real handy with some of our vintage rebuilds.

I will be gone from the shop tomorrow thru the 11th shooting birds out of the sky in good ole Presho SD I will be away from the computer pretty much the whole trip so the 4 of you that look at this page will miss me for another week.