Sunday, August 3, 2008

DuPont ride

Jeff, Sean, Darrell, Matt and I set out from FFB this morning and picked Rick up in Morganton to make our way up to DuPont to meet our guide David Maida from Pisgah Area SORBA. We met David and Mike(??) at the Corn Mill Shoals parking lot and set out with three other guys(sorry I forgot names, I am good at that). We broke off from the three others and ended up with a 17 mile ride visiting Bridal Veil Falls, and riding Slick Rock along with plenty of other trails. We will be going back for the Sunday ride for the Cackalacky Cup. It is a great route with lots of different terrain. When pictures all get sorted I will post a couple. Make sure to mark your calendars for the 24th to come ride... you will love it. I got to put the first full ride on my new Route 29 SS and loved it! As always, if anyone is interested in trying out a Goat, I now have three (26 SS, 29 geared, and the 29 SS) give me a yell and we can set you up on a ride, just need to fit a 19ish bike.

Almost forgot that Taco Bell is quite possibly the best post ride meal that one can find....mmmmmmmmmm And thanks to Rick for the post ride IPA, that was pretty special in its own right

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