Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday morning road ride route and more

Been a busy week at the shop even with all the rain we have had. Unfortunately the rain kept us from riding and there was even enough to cause a good bit of flooding in the area(including my basement). It was very nice to be able to get back out on a bike Saturday morning with everyone that showed up for the road ride.

This is pretty much the ride we ended up with. We ended up doing it reverse of what is shown on the map since I have never been on this loop backwards, and it was still a good time. Come out and ride with us.

sorry there was no big update from the Burn 24 Hour, it was kinda a bummer in that Darrell crashed on his 10th lap @ 10:00 and hurt his knee pretty well. He was doing great and well on his way to a 20 plus lap race which would have been great. It looks like Sean and Tim have a hunkering to get a team together next year so if you are looking to do a 24 let me know and we will get you on the team to have some good fun.

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