Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday night Mountain Bike Ride

Went to Lake Norman last night for the ride. Good turn out and even one trail gnome out there with a flat blade shovel fixing some soft spots(thanks Tom!)Not too many pic but I did get one of Sean after he fell off the tree at the top of the hill on Mombo. I think Sean felt bad for me since I had fallen earlier on the Hick Creek loop(in the climbing part none the less). Still a little sore this morning with a nice raspberry on the left thigh. It was my first night out on my new Bontrager XR-1 tires. Those puppies are very very fast. If you are looking for a fast summer time come in and take a look at them.

Cameron coming off the tree
Sean fell off the tree
Trail gnome Tom Matthews

I just always seem to forget to take pictures out there but the dang place is so fast we never really stop, guess there could be worse things in life. Come ride with us this Thursday @6:15 in the parking lot!

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