Monday, September 14, 2009

Signal Hill Trail Update and LNSP trail work days

Many people ask us about Signal Hill and the conditions out there so I figured I would post an update about it. We have had a good amount of "trail gnome" work out there lately and the trail is in amazingly good condition. Go out and ride the trail, better yet, come ride with us on Tuesday nights leaving FFB at 6pm.

I still have a few ideas for some re-routes and maybe a touch new trail that I hope to get cut soon so we can ride it in over the winter. If you have any interest in working out there we would love to have you out and have tools you can use available at the shop to borrow.

and on the side on the Laurel Loop at Lake Norman State Park, it is time to see if we can knock out the first part of the Laurel Loop so we can ride it! People are always coming up and asking "When will the new loop be open?". Our answer has always been "depends on how ofter YOU come out and help". bOb is going to hit the mechanized stuff this upcoming week so we will have plenty of hand work to do. Details will be similar to before:

-Saturday 9/26, Sunday 9/27 work starts at 9 (please allow a little extra time to sign in and park). Most folks work until around 1 but there are always a few hardcore folks who work later.
-Same parking as last year. Left on Wildlife Rd. (last left before entering the park on State Park Rd) almost immediate right into the gated fire road. Sign in and park along the road.
-Most work will be relatively easy hand grooming and corridor clearing. The bulk of the work will have been done by the mechanized equipment so we will just be cleaning up the corridor and dressing the trail bed.
-Volunteers will be allowed to ride the Laurel Loop on the day they volunteer (and only that day). This is the only way that you can preview the coming attractions!

Any questions, give us a shout. See ya in the woods.

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