Thursday, November 19, 2009

New FFB shirts, come and get 'em

Tim made up some new shirts for the shop with three of our favorite bike related quotes. The H.G. Wells quote has always been one of my favorite quotes of all time. We also have a small run of long sleeve shirts in army green with the FFB logo on the left breast and big rear that are very nice on these colder days.

We also have some new short and long sleeve jerseys on order designed by our good buddy Kris Henry @ Black Cap Studio. They will fit the same as our popular black jerseys so I know they will be great.

Last but not least, our pal Sinjin @ Copper Door Coffee has roasted us up some "Mountain Goat" blend that is very tasty and available here at the shop in 1 lb bags.


roach said...

I really like your shirts. I found your blog today while randomly searching blogger, and after reading some of your posts I saw that you mentioned poplar tent. Right then an alarm went off in my head because I used to ride around the charlotte area before I moved to Charleston for school. Just wanted to say hey.

wESd said...

if you would like one of the shirts let us know and we can ship you one. There is a ton of new trials in the area but Poplar Tent is still a gem and a favorite of mine.

Krutin said...

love the shirts! where do i sign up?

wESd said...

Krutin, we can get you set up with what ever shirts you want and send them out to you. Send me an email to