Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trail work

I have still been out working on some new stuff at Signal Hill and there are plenty of fresh tire marks on the trail. The trail is in good condition with a few small areas that stay wet in the winter especially with the freeze/thaw cycles that we have been having. There is one of the newer sections that have been built in the swamp area that has a pretty good sized "pond" so we are skipping that section for now until we can build a boardwalk though it. If anyone has questions about the trail, please let me know. Thanks.

pics of the new finished section:

old trail went to the right


still some hardened snow around/on the trail in many areas

new section that I opened up the corridor this morning. We should have this ready just after the new year.

instead of doing this you will go to the right

into here

left at the cedar

and connect to the existing trail

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