Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 days and counting

Only 10 days till 6WC and after riding Warrior Creek last weekend I think I will be just fine. I did not say fast, just fine.

On the side of the bike shop, we have been really busy with the good weather which has also shown that if you are in the market for a Fisher 29er you might want to step up and get one that is in stock now because Fisher will not have more available till late August. We still have a fair number in stock along with some demo's if you are looking to try before you buy.

I built a new display

I have been riding my prototype Mountain Goat Escape Route to get ready for the 6WC and Burn24 and really like the way it handles. We also have news that our first batch of steel Goat Horns have landed off the water and will making their way to the shop very soon.

We were also visited the other day by our old riding buddy Aaron "Buddha" Oswalt. Buddha has been living the family life and serving the country overseas. It was good seeing him again and I hope he keeps dropping by when he is able to.

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