Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bike rides and other stuff

It looks like we are homing in on a ride in DuPont for the Sunday ride during the Cackalacky Cup weekend. Sean, Jeff, Darrell and I will head to DuPont State Forrest (Aug 3rd) to pre-ride and find a good route. We are hoping to ride the slick rock trail and see a few of the cool waterfalls. I will try to remember to take the GPS and will show the route when we get back.

The road ride tonight was pretty dang hot. Still had ten guys out and put in a good ride down into LNSP and back around. Everyone got to wave at my grandmother as we passed her house and Sean and I tried to find Jeff's groundhog buddy as we passed Fox Den CC but failed in our quest. That makes two weeks in a row that I have failed to meet Jeff's new buddy and I am starting to wonder if his commuting has him thinking stuff up just to tell me things when he gets to the shop(never know).

I dropped my new Goat frame off at the Powdercoaters Monday and hope to have it back next week. Since we have a silver Thomson seatpost to fit it at the shop, I wanted a silver stem to match it. Well, I had a black stem already that I was not using so my brain said that I should just polish it thumb now hurts and I think I have it to where I will be happy with it but I still may do some more work on it. Polishing something like that from black anodized is not a easy walk in the park. I had originally thought that I may do it to some Fleegle bars and now know that I dont care if they are black! I really can't wait till they boys call and tell me the frame is ready to pick up. We did receive Kees Goat frame and fork from SyCip. It is the first frame that we have had done in butcher paper and I really like how the color came out. We are finalizing what decal color Kees wants and we will get it all purrdied up and out to its new loving owner.

All for now...wESd

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sean said...

Yes, I read your blog too. I don't think that Jeff is making up his groundhog stories, all of that exercise just has him hallucinating. See ya in a week.