Friday, July 18, 2008

We didn't ride so we can ride

Instead on doing our weekly Thursday night mountain bike ride, Jeff Sean Darrell and I went to the second meeting of the Iredell County Parks and Rec. master plan. This is the first time since 1977 that Iredell County has made a plan for Parks and Rec. The county has hired a firm to tell them what the people of Iredell want through questionnaires. Over 85% said that they wanted more greenways and "green" areas. Most people at the meeting had their own agenda, most of those being for some sort of ball field and yes while I believe that we need ball fields for people to play on the questionnaire showed that was not what the citizens of Iredell county thought was most important but we had to talk about them anyways. One of the topics that was brought up was the fact that when the new ball fields are made that everyone wants more parking for the users. We brought up the idea that they should build the greenways that are wanted more than the fields and have them lead to Parks and Rec areas so users can walk/ride to those areas and not have to drive. The guy from the firm did say that they are going to recommend lots of greenways and even had a thing showing that they would recommend 35 miles of mountain bike trails...sweet.

They hope to have a full recommendation by the end of August for the County and the plan is for hopeful completion of 2020. We will see but I hope something works. I think that the greenways are what every city needs to make things better for everyone. We have tons of customers that drive to Virginia to ride their greenways and spend money in their state when they could stay here and support our own economy if we had the greenways that will be proposed. Sounds simple to me, only time will tell.

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