Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cackalacky Coming up fast

The time is coming up very fast for another Cackalacky Cup. We have talked to Captain Dondo and he will be heading our way for the third year in a row and will bring Frank the Welder with him this year. I am very excited to meet FTW, he has worked in the industry for many many builders and seen a lot of cool things in his tenure. We just got the final YES from Rody at Groovy Cycleworks that he will be coming down as well and hopes to bring Bill Grove with him.
We will have the time trial series at ITUSI again which was very fun last year and the best part of the weekend for me is always the trip to Pisgah on Sunday for a ride. I am looking at a couple of different routes and think that as of right now it will come down to the slick rock trail in Du Pont or Turkey Pen. I hope to go pre-ride both of them before Cackalacky to see which one will do for this year.
More to come as plans are finalized, as always, if you have any questions just let us know...wESd

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