Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Trail work

In the ongoing quest to keep riders out of openish areas, Darrell and I met out at Signal Hill today to do more work on some problem areas. We ended up with a new section at the beginning of the trail to keep us out of some grassier parts then we headed down to another section that will keep us from having to connect the trail via gravel road. This was a rough section with lots of ground work and we still lack a little here but it is rideable. We finished out with one other small reroute to keep us from coming out of the woods in the beginning and hoping right back in, this allows us to stay in the woods. Three more down and still lots of ideas floating around. I doubt I will be able to head out to the trail for work again until I get back from South Dakota and I hope that we can have a trail work day Sunday the thats a long time away.

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