Monday, November 3, 2008

More new shop displays and the like

More construction has been going on at the shop. We decided last year that we wanted to move the counter but it has just not happened until last week.
(tearing out the old counter)

(We removed the counter and cut it down)

Photobucket. The area where the counter used to be now has a porch but our full thoughts have not been finished, we have talked about a few different ideas and just need to decide the porch
(framing for the porch)
(almost finished the deck boards)

We also received a package in the mail today,>BR>Photobucket
it seems the good guys at Acme Bikes up in good ole SD Seems they had some extra Bontrager parts and stickers that they thought we should have....thanks guys. Things like this always come in real handy with some of our vintage rebuilds.

I will be gone from the shop tomorrow thru the 11th shooting birds out of the sky in good ole Presho SD I will be away from the computer pretty much the whole trip so the 4 of you that look at this page will miss me for another week.


sean said...

4???? Who in the hell are the other 3????

First Flight Bicycles said...

well I know that at least one of the others is me, maybe Darrell and Jeff. I need more posts like the Trek World one, that got me lots of hits!