Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trail Work

With the new section of the Itusi trail being approved to start construction I had started thinking more about how much I have wanted to do lots of things at the Signal Hill trail here in town. Its only 4.5 miles and not the most pimp trail in the world but it is where I earned my stripes and learned more about biking than anywhere else. Good memories and stories always fly when we ride the trail and I would hate to see it go away. Signal Hill is also the only local trail we have and is a great trial for night riding since we are in that season. Sean Darrell and I have decided that our trail time will be put into those trails and refurbing them. Sean and I met out there this morning thinking that today would be more of a recon mission and making a few fixes but after talking about a couple things and cleaning up the trail a good bit as we walked it and took notes I kept showing Sean ideas I have had for some re-routes and every time I showed him one he said "lets build it now". The re-routes that we did have taken us out of some open sections or roads that we normally have had to ride and kept us in the trees which even though we did not add mileage to the trail I think the riding experience will be better and we will not have to worry about grassy areas in the open sections. We talked about a few more sections that I have had in the ole brain but we had not finished the stuff that we had originally went out to do so we headed down to "Circuit City" and cleaned that section of trail up which was one of our main goals and called it a day. Along with the couple of re-routes that we have in mind we want to get out and bench a few sections and clean up a few other a bit better. We will start heading out there more frequently on the weekends and I will post those days when we know them.
heres the only shot I took all day, too busy working, but here is Sean on one of the re-routes Photobucket
So on top of the trail work I then got to go shoot some skeet with Darrell, Matt and Ellen. Matt brought his new .308 as well and we fired off a few boxes after the skeet had all been busted up.I leave to go to South Dakota on the 4th of Nov to hunt pheasant for a week so the skeet was a good last warm up and just plain fun.

DONT FORGET TO VOTE. there I said it, I am going to try and wake up early in the morning and do the early thing since it was so easy last time.

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