Wednesday, November 12, 2008

South Dakota

I left my favorite state of NC to head out to South Dakota for a pheasant hunting trip that I have been able to go on for the last two years. We left on the 4th driving a 40 foot RV the 24 hours to get us to SD (5 people and 2 dogs). Seeing that the lodge we stay at is still occupied by the group before us till Thursday we hunted on Wednesday in Chamberlin, SD in upper 50's weather and shot our limit very fast.
We stayed in Chamberlin at a hotel like we have in the past were we eat dinner at Al's Oasis, good food and talk at dinner is a must. The whole day we had kept hearing about a blizzard coming in the next day bringing up to 15" of snow so we decided that we better wake up early and head on in to Presho where Snake Den Lodge is. On the way to Presho the snow started falling but very lightly and we got all of our gear in the lodge hung out and waited for some more of the people that were hunting with us to show up and we went out for a hunt where I unfortunately shot a hen(female pheasant) which is a big NO-NO and cost me $104. The rest of the day the snow kept falling but the blizzard never really came and in the morning we only found 3" on the ground but the wind was gusting heavily and it was still snowing. We went out on our hunt anyway and endured the 33 MPH gusts and still brought home our limit (3 roosters per person).
Friday, Saturday and Sunday went on as normal and I only shot roosters like a good boy and tons of fun was had. We hunted one more time on Monday morning before loading the RV back up and heading to Cabelas(3rd time that week) and driving home to my wonderful NC. more pictures here if you care

Back at the shop things are still pushing along as normal, we seem to have added a new member to the crew in Jim A. Jim just bought a Fisher Marlin and has been on a couple rides with us and says he will be back for more and since he is a good guy we will continue to allow him around. We are riding on Tuesday and Thursday nights from the shop(weather permitting) with lights at Signal Hill.

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