Tuesday, December 9, 2008

^%@$#^ the rain

Building the new trial Sunday all Sean and I could talk about was how bad we couldnt wait to ride it on Tuesday and hoped the rain would hold off. I was gonna ride on Monday night but Darrell said he had an extra ticket to the MNF game and well you gotta go cheer your Panthers on now dont ya?


I figured that since we won that good mojo was coming my way and that the rain would hold off today so when I got to the shop this morning I checked with weather dot com and they said that we would have no rain till 9pm...WOOHOO we get to ride the new stuff and the rest of the trail before the rain gets to us......WRONG. 15 minutes before the ride it barely starts misting. We look at the weather map online and it says we got nothing (grammatically correct eh?) coming our way so we get ready and hop on the bikes. 25 yards from the trail the rain starts in on us so we decide that we would ride the new stuff to try it out. Well on top of the new stuff being great we decide that a fast greenway ride back to the shop would be good to get some more riding but nothing that would leave us absolutely drenched. On the ride back the rain of course stopped half a mile from the shop but we just headed back anyways to hang out a bit before going home. Maybe, just maybe the rain will go away for Thursday.!?

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