Sunday, December 7, 2008

today we did trail work

I met Sean out at Signal Hill at 8am this morning and we started up where Darrell and I had finished on Wednesday. Darrell and I had finished the one reroute but Sean Darrell and I had talked about another reroute right after it on the trial and we decided that today was a good day for it. The reroute takes us out of a section that starts fun with the big hump to send you downhill but as soon as you start downhill you are sent into an open turn and then a really un-fun climb(yes they all are, Jeff). the new trail put us back into the woods and through some really nice dips and then starts a tough tight climb that will be much much much(add a couple more) better. Sean and I took a snack break for some nabs and the immediate energy kick made us want to work on a few other projects. We cleared a way behind the "grateful shed" which will be connected soon to another re-route but allows us access easier till we can get the middle section that leads to that, then we headed down to do another section that combines two sections of trail that used to be ridden about a mile apart but will now make a loop together and just easier to get in and out....makes sense dont it?

anyways here a few pics of the day

pony up on the hill

ride the newest hump

down this


along this(notice tight 'turn')

after the turn you go though a dip and climb the hill(both in this pic)

Pony double checking Sean's work at the top of the hill while Sean works in the background

Dont forget that Saturday the 13th is a big work day at Lake Norman State Park

Jefftook the young 'uns out today and spent a couple of hours getting ready for the weekend. bOb did get the Laurel section very roughly machine cut so that will cut down on some of the hand work. There is well over a mile of machine cut trail so there will be plenty to do!!

Everyone should really like the new layout. There is one ravine a good 8' deep where we cross and bOb cut in a really sweet banked turn. The portion of trail that goes through the Laurel has a really stunning water view and there are a couple of nice rock outcroppings along the water. There is also a nice 3' drop option and a cool "V" tree that we go through. The general layout winds quite a bit more so it will definitely be slower than the current trail.

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