Thursday, January 15, 2009

its cold but we still rode

Sean, Darrell and I braved the cold tonight and headed out to Signal Hill for some good ole MTB action. Signal Hill is a great trail to ride in either direction and since we have not rode it reversed since we have made all the changes we decided that tonight needed to be the night to try it all out. The new stuff is just as nice reversed as it is the regular way except maybe just a bit easier except a few turns that come at you extremely quick and tight. In the videos below the crunching is not from leaves on the ground but the frozen ground cracking
(oh yeah, google reader seems to not show the videos so you have to click the link to the actual blog if you use reader...maybe others, I dont know
sean in the moguls

Darrell coming down a new benched section

Sean said I needed to have some video of me since I never get my picture on here so here I come up the new culverts

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