Monday, January 19, 2009


So I had thought it was supposed to snow Sunday but it never did and sitting in the house was killing me so I took the Pony Dog out and hopped on the SyCip for some riding down the road and happened off onto some old side field with tractor road all the way around it and down into the woods. Pretty cool little off road way of getting the dog some exercise and I would really like to bring home the monstercross bike and take it out there and explore further. Anyways, the weather looks like it will be really nice for some riding this week so lets keep those fingers crossed and heating bills down!

In other news I have finally ordered a Tomi Cog so I will be "fixing" the SyCip pretty soon, we will see just how much trail usage it gets vs greenway. When I get it down to LANO I will make sure we get it on film with all the carnage.

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