Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New bikes in stock including Harry Kay

Couple cool items in the shop the last couple of days. Yesterday we received a big parts order from Trek and Innova. Today we got a bike order from Trek with bikes we needed to refill sold bike along with a new EX 7, Fisher HiFi and the new Fisher ARC Super Road Bikes.

After we had put the bike boxes away and started building bikes the brown santa came by with a frame box containing Darrell's new Mountain Goat and a stock WTR. Now we just need to get the Harry Kay all painted up. This should also get Jeff off his butt and have his Route 29FS painted finally. If you are in need of a 26" wheeled frame for a 100mm fork, you can even pick your color

Harry Kay(back with the sliders) and what could be your new WTR, hopefully better pictures when the weather clears up


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