Monday, January 26, 2009

Racing and Dubwatch

The local short track series is happening and Darrell went down to try it out yesterday. He has been running a 32 x 20 so we swapped out for an 18 on the rear for the faster course. When I talked to Darrell this morning he said that when he got to the race he decided to put his Small Block 8's (since the short track is solid packed) instead of the Panaracer Rampages he runs for winter time muck. Anyways, Darrell said that the gearing still wasn't enough and he was spinning to fast to keep up and finished 3rd from last. We will get a better gear on there for him to try again and I hope to go as well to support or maybe even try it out myself and get my butt kicked.

I did find a picture that Arleigh took of Darrell rockin the FFB jersey and of course the Pimp Goat


In other news, I was upstairs retrieving items to ship for our vintage customers and when i came down Jeff told me that some rockin' Dubwatch action was out front of the store and that he had snapped a picture for me but his camera had also died after taking two so I ran out to snap a few of my own and after taking two my camera died as well...ok I am sure you dont care about any of that so here is some Dayton Dub Action just for you all


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