Monday, January 19, 2009

We got a visit today

Got a call from Taylor this morning and hesaid he would be swinging by the shop today but what he didnt tell me was that he was meeting a visitor at the shop. When Taylor got to the shop we talked about a couple of old bike things and then the front doorbell dinged so as I looked to see who it was I saw this out on the street


and the would be customer was none other than Jeremiah Bishop. If you do not know who Jeremiah is, then, well, he is the current 2008 Marathon Mountain Bike and Short Track National Champion riding for the just now defunct Trek/VW team.

Jeremiah said that he had seen the MOMBAT article on CyclingNews and then talking with Tyler decided that he had to come and see it in person.

I got to talk to him and show him around the shop for a good while and talk about some history stuff but due to time constraints he could not stay terribly long but said that he definitely wanted to come back and see more and next time he would have a better camera than just his iPhone.

Everytime I was going to take a picture of him we would start talking about a certain bike or part and I would forget but I did get these two

Jeremiah at the top of the stairs


Jeremiah and Taylor talking upstairs


As for the Tuesday night ride, we will just have to see how wet the snow we are now getting is

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