Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Rebuilt a few forks in my day but the first one I really remember that got me to love taking them apart and making things silky smooth was Matt McPherson's 97 Marzocchi Z2 Bomber. Until then the biggest thing I had done is lube elastomers and change out Judy Cartridges after each ride. Matt was riding at VT and when his Z2 was ready for its first overhaul Matt brought the fork by and we tore it down not thinking too much about it and when we had it back together it was 6:30 and we still had a few extra parts. Both of us had to be somewhere that night so we decided that we would redo the whole thing in the morning. The next day the fork was back together correctly in no time and I wanted a Z2 so bad I bought one and still have that very fork. I have overhauled that fork more times than I can think and have passed the fork to Savannah on her bike. The last couple of rides the fork has been leaking more than something that leaks really bad so I told Matt and Darrell we should have a pizza and beer night at the shop like we used to and tonight was the night. The fork is now all back together with some new happy seals, the old Guinness stout like oil is gone and fun was had. I love that fork! OK, sappy memory moment over.

Before Matt and Savannah showed up, Darrell and I took the Pugsley out to play on a snow pile still left over, those are just some big ole tires I tell ya.


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