Monday, March 9, 2009

who likes blue? pink?

No pics of Darrells pink bike but should tomorrow after I bleed his brakes and decal her up.

A couple teaser shots of Seans fork and wheels back from paint. Gonna put them on tomorrow along with his matching Luv Handles. The blue came out really nice, I am glad I talked him into it.

I9 hubs and spokes on some Stans rims, notice the one blue spoke?

I slapped Seans fork together enough for a quick picture and will finish building it tomorrow so he can ride it/wheels and bars.

We will head start riding at the State Park on Thursday nights since they are now open till 8. Still riding at Signal Hill on Tuesday nights except for tomorrow night since we are going to head down to the park. I have not been able to ride the park since November last year, it will be cool to get back out there.

Should have pictures of Darrells new WTR, Seans WTR and a new stock WTR. Lots of Goat lovin' going on at the shop!!!!

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