Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Even more new shop displays and a birthday

even with the weather going up and down the shop is staying busy and we are still changing out the store. Since Sean finished up the bathroom and has it all respectable-like we have moved along to new displays on the right side of the shop as you walk in the front. To do that we have to get rid of some stuff first, and the first to go was the helmet display which is now taken over the old changing room with show helmets on the outer door and storage in the room. It worked very well and I think it will work out smoother than our previous show/storage of the helmets.
You can see the helmets on the front of the door for display and inside for storage

The other is that we are replacing the center bike rack that has been in the shop since the location opened in 1995 and BOY, what a difference just taking off the top row of bikes has made. The shop looks even larger and will be easier to get around once the bottom is gone. We will have some really neat

Here we are with one row off the top and ready to take off the trays

same side but now both top rows have trays left, you can really see across the shop better now

Today is also Sean's birthday so we got him a little gift that he graciously shared before the Tuesday night mountain bike ride.

Lets all hope that the weather stays good for the Thursday night ride at LANO and the Saturday morning road ride(LEAVING the shop @ 8am)

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