Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gone for a ride

Sean, Darrell, Cameron and I headed down to Charlotte for some riding Friday which found us at Sherman Branch and then up to an old favorite at Poplar Tent

If you have not been to either one I would highly recommend either one.

Sherman Branch was a really cool trail that features lots of small bridges and jumps. They have really made the trail flow well with the terrain that they have out there. I will definitely go back to SB and it cannot come soon enough
Sean on one of the jumps

Cameron in the rocks


One of my favorite shots of the day, Sean in the rocks

Cam on the tree ride

We even helped a snake off the trail while waiting on Sean

Cameron shot a video of me on the tree ride

Dubwatch at a local convenience store for snack break

I first rode Poplar Tent some 11 years ago and am always glad to get back there. The trail is amazingly tight and twisty and rewards you with lots of fun trail especially Gravity Cavity. The $3 cover at PT is worth every penny and I can't wait to go back.

Sean on his Phil Wood Kiss Off that we just built

Cam in Gravity Cavity


Sean on an alternate route in GC

then back on the normal route


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