Sunday, October 18, 2009

Signal HIll Praise

Been hearing more and more people getting out to Signal Hill lately. Here is what one rider put on a local forum.
LNSP was closed @ noon today so I decided to head up to signal hill, 10 min away from LNSP. Rode it about 4 years ago I think. HOLY S#$T this place is incredible,not even close to what I remember very very very fun. Good tech section short to medium punchy steep climbs ( i.e capet trail ,goat trail @ wwc ) needless to say I will be replacing a lot of LNSP rides with signal hill, great place to ride and train. I was the only one there! Trail must drain well because only a few slick spots, leaves are coming down but still in good shape. Anyway rode three laps I guess around 5-6 miles per lap If I had to compare it to the trails down south I would say 1/2 Renni 1/2 WWC mixed together with some cool hand built bridges and skinnies this is my new training spot for technical courses and climbing maybe I will use LNSP for recovery rides Cheesy

Thanks Wes and Crew nice trail

Tim has been out working on a new reroute to get us into the "Circuit City" loop which will keep us out of the field that confuses anyone who is new to the trail. I did GPS the trail Tuesday and came up with 3.75 miles for the entire trail. I will re-map it when that is complete and post an official map.

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