Saturday, January 24, 2009

ITUSI trail work day

Today was a scheduled work day on the new phase IV. Jeff and Darrell said that the crowd was really good so thanks to everyone that came out. I got the duty of runing the shop....woohoo.

Darrell did take a few pictures so I wanted to post them up. They are mainly at a location where we will go over a fallen live tree. This is one of the new things that phase IV's MOA allows us to do. Jeff said that over 4 bucket loads of rocks went into it along with the dirt. Having the machine really allows us to do projects like this a good bit easier or else we would have to hand work and move all the rocks into place, like we did in old sections. We will have another trail day in mid February and I will post the date as soon as we have it nailed down.

trail approaching the tree


Jeff Unearthing Rock


Bob packing it down



dawntreader of the playa said...

Not sure if this is the prefered place to make a general comment but here goes :-)

I am a regular hiker of the Itusi trail and I was out there today for my first powerhike of the season and could not help but notice the new changes in signage and the great condition of the trail!

I want to say thankyou to all of you bikers that do the trail maintance and improvements. it is noticed and appreciated by this hiker~

wESd said...

Dawn, thank you for your kind words. Trail work is a labor of love and everyone I know enjoys it just as much as they do riding or hiking the trails. There is a sense of pride every time I ride/hike a section of trail I worked on and many memories to help add to the experience. If you would like to help we would love to have you or anyone else out to help with the trail. Just because it is mainly bikers that are building the trail we have had a few hikers only come out and they really had fun as well. If you have questions please call First Flight Bikes or send me an email at